3 Tips For Saving Your Struggling Coin Laundromat

19 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Owning your own laundromat can be lucrative and may even be the first step in a business plan to own multiple laundromats, all earning consistent passive income. If your coin laundromat isn't run effectively, however, it may not be profitable enough to justify the time and financial investment you've made. Luckily, there are specific steps you can take to turn things around and save your struggling coin laundromat before it's too late:

Sign up for Laundromat Consulting

Hiring a business consultant with specialized experience in running laundromats may be the best investment you can make in your laundromat. Your consultant will thoroughly evaluate your laundromat and how it's being run, including everything from your actual facility to customer service to your pricing structure. They will then make specific and actionable suggestions for improvements and even help you put together a new and improved business plan. With their guidance, you will quickly see a return on your investment in the form of improved revenue.

Focus on Customer Service

It's much easier and more affordable to retain the customers you already have than to try to constantly gain new customers. You and your staff should be on the same page with treating customers in a friendly and professional way that makes them want to keep choosing your laundromat over the competition.

When hiring and training staff, choose candidates who are reliable and have great interpersonal skills, so that you can trust your business in their hands when you're not on-site. Make sure to have clearly explained customer service policies, including how to manage refunds. 

Hire a Trusted Maintenance Professional

One problem that can really hurt your business is washers and dryers that are frequently out of service. In order to keep your laundromat running smoothly and keep your customers happy, you need a reliable maintenance professional or maintenance team you can call whenever something goes wrong.

It is worth paying a monthly fee just to have maintenance professionals available on-call when you need them, rather than waiting hours or days for your machines to be repaired. In addition, it's a great idea to have your washers and dryers inspected on a monthly basis since they are under such heavy use. This way, any mechanical problems or worn out components will be detected and repaired right away, extending the lifespan of your machines.

By taking these steps and becoming more proactive and business-savvy in how you manage your laundromat, you can turn your struggling business into a thriving and profitable one. 

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