Store Tips For Selling Glassware Sets To Minimalists Consumers

23 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Minimalists often sit in between two words. On one hand, minimalists are encouraged to slow down their purchasing and stop it all together if possible. On the other hand, minimalist theory also says to surround yourself with the things that you truly enjoy. If you wish to market products to minimalists you will need to make sure that the products are usable for everyday life and enjoyable enough to purchase and keep around. If you sell glassware, here are some ways to market your glasses to minimalists who may be looking to invest in only one set for everyday use. 

Include glasses of each type

If you want to appeal to a minimalist household, you should create a glassware set that offers glasses of each kind. Inside of an eight-piece glass set, you should place cocktail glasses, high ball glasses, and wine glasses. Since all of these glasses can be used on a daily basis, they will get plenty of wear, whether they are with a family or a single person. Make sure that the glasses are difficult to chip and easy to store so that special care and arrangement will not need to be made for the glass set.

Provide uniquely cut sets

The cut and the design of the glasses being intricate and unique is what will attract minimalists to your products. Unique items that provide joy in utilization is what minimalist look for in new purchases. Create round cut glasses that offer a crystal effect on the bottom or square glasses with a design in the corners. If possible, you may want to offer glasses that are tinted black, silver, blue, or pink or the bachelors and bachelorettes who wish to have a themed kitchen. A unique cut to each glass will give customers a reason to make your glass set their only at-home glass set. 

Offer engraving options

Instead of enlisting your own designs on glasses, offer engraving options for your customers. Options such as names of each person in the family, familial initials, or even nicknames are popular for glasses and cups. In minimalist homes, where each person may have a claimed cup, this makes cleanup and upkeep of dishes much simpler. Engraving can also help make glassware kits the perfect gift for the friend's housewarming or the couple who is getting married soon. A standardized engraving fee that allows customers to select the wording and the font will be a popular option for your store.