How To Know If You Should Get Your Home Tested For Radon Gas

23 February 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Radon gas is a completely natural and unfortunately prevalent problem across much of the USA. It is virtually untraceable without special equipment, as it has no taste or smell, so humans cannot easily detect it, but if left exposed to it for long enough, radon gas can cause serious health problems, including cancer. So how do you know when to get radon testing on your home or business? Well here are a few indicators that might help you make up your mind and get some much-needed radon testing done that might just end up saving you and your family's life. 

Check Your States Data

There is a lot of helpful data out there that can illuminate where the biggest risks for radon gas are. For example, some graphs and charts show which states have a higher percent of radon gas, which can be very useful as an immediate guide. However, it is essential to remember that radon gas is present in every state, so just because yours doesn't have a lot does not mean there is no chance of radon in your area, and you should try to get county and city-specific information for a better and more accurate guide.

Family And Friends

Often, the first time people are alerted to the possibility of radon gas is through their family or friends who have had their property tested and found that it contains high levels of this odorless gas. Always keep your ear open to see what the people around you are doing when it comes to radon gas, because if it is affecting them, and they live within a short drive of your home, then there is a pretty good chance that it could be affecting you as well. While not definite, this is a helpful and broad indicator that doesn't take a lot of effort on your part. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you simply aren't sure whether or not your home has radon in it and you are a bit on the nervous side, then that is good. It is always a positive to be too careful rather than too flippant. Radon testing does not require a specific reason or court-appointed mandate to be done in your home. If you want peace of mind and don't mind paying a small fee for it, then getting radon testing done is a very good idea. After it is done once, you never need to think about it again, or you will have the information you need to move properties or put in some safety measures.