Does Your Bathtub Need Professional Reglazing? Here's How To Know

3 January 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Soaking in a bathtub is usually a relaxing experience, and that's why most people install one in their homes. A bathtub also increases your home's value and aesthetic appeal. However, you need to maintain it in perfect shape to enjoy using it for a long time. And although a bathtub is an excellent addition to your home, it can also be an eyesore if it has rust and stains on its finish or if it's old. But this doesn't mean that replacement is the only option for you. You can reglaze or refinish it to make it functional and attractive again. Here's how you know it's time for professional bathtub reglazing.

The Bathtub Doesn't Look Clean

You also know that your bathtub needs to be reglazed if you can no longer clean it properly. If you have tried to clean your bathtub several times and it doesn't look clean, hire an expert to reglaze it. Most people experience this problem when the discoloration is embedded into the tub's porcelain finish, making it hard to remove those colored splotches. Mold growth and other contaminants could also make the cleaning process daunting. But when the tub is reglazed, you can clean it faster and enjoy a shiny surface. 

The Bathtub's Finish Is Chipped

The glaze of your bathtub might be chipped if a heavy object falls on it or perhaps bumps against it. A chipped bathtub is unsightly and risky, and you shouldn't use it in that condition. Reglazing a bathtub is a great idea because it makes it safer for your family and helps you maintain a stunning bathroom. However, you need to ensure you get an expert to reglaze the chipped finish because it's a task that an unskilled individual can't handle. A professional will give your bathtub a shiny finish and even make it look new.

The Bathtub's Colors Have Changed

Most people prefer installing a white bathtub. Unfortunately, the color may change to an off-white or pale yellow shade. This happens when the finish has dulled over time or is stained. Any discoloration signs indicate that your bathtub needs to be reglazed. A discolored bathtub will have brown, yellow, or pink patches, making it look unattractive. Your bathtub may get discolored based on the type and quality of the cleaning reagents you use. In some instances, you may also reglaze the tub if you just want to change its color to a more appealing one. 

Bathtub reglazing isn't a DIY job. If you notice any of the above signs, ensure you contact a bathtub reglazing professional to reglaze yours. The reglazing process will cost you less money than replacing the tub with a new one.