Reasons For Installing Residential Radon Mitigation Systems

23 August 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

The presence of radon in the soil underneath your home can cause serious health effects, including cancer. Long-term exposure to this odorless and invisible gas leads to radiation. If you suspect radon presence in your property, you must act fast and invest in radon mitigation systems.

Radon reduction systems filter out the gas, including other harmful chemical gases around your property. It makes sense to engage a radon specialist to carry out radon tests to determine the best reduction and mitigation action. These professionals can mount specific radon mitigation systems around your home based on the layout and size. 

Here are some reasons why you need residential radon mitigation systems.

They Reduce Radon Levels

For radon mitigation systems to perform optimally, a radon mitigation professional must install them according to code. This way, you'll enjoy a clean indoor environment with negligible radon levels. Whether you've installed an active system or a vapor barrier, you eliminate the chances of radon seeping into your home. 

Consequently, these systems reduce humidity levels, especially in your basement. This means you can switch off your dehumidifier for lengthy periods. Environmental and health authorities acknowledge the need to mitigate the effects of radon. They've specified radon mitigation systems as one method of protecting yourself against radon intrusion.

Mitigation Improves Air Quality

Humidity levels in your home can trigger mold growth and emit musty odors indoors. When you install radon mitigation systems, it promotes quality air indoors. With a proper reduction system in place, moisture levels decrease together with bacterial activity. Ideally, radon mitigation methods are active within hours of installation, and they manage humidity levels if the fans operate optimally. You must work with a radon reduction specialist to leverage a practical and cost-effective system that improves indoor air quality.

Mitigation Systems Market Your Home

If you're planning to resell your home, investing in appropriate radon mitigation systems boosts your home selling efforts. Indeed, these systems are unique selling points that attract buyers to your property compared to comparable homes that don't have these systems. 

You might not be bound to report your mitigation efforts, but discerning buyers will query radon reduction measures before making an offer. Indeed, a selling agent can leverage active radon mitigation systems installed in the property as the bargaining chip. If the system is installed strategically in the attic, it produces less noise, and its aesthetic value adds to the home's appeal.