Working With A Parking Lot Sweeper To Clean Your Parking Area

15 June 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Hiring a parking lot sweeping service to clean the lot around your business is an excellent way to keep the property looking nice outside. Trash and other debris in the lot can make the business look bad outside, and that first impression could drive people away. 

Get An Estimate

If you are considering using a parking lot sweeping service to clean your lot, you should have the service come and give you an estimate for the work. The parking lot size is often the most significant thing that will determine the cost of the job, but the material that the service is picking up can also have an impact. 

If the sweeping service is only sweeping sand or dirt off the lot, the cost may be lower than if they have to pick up a lot of paper, discarded trash, or food containers left after an event. Some material is more challenging for the sweeper to pick up, so if the parking lot sweeping service has to pick up material by hand, there are going to be additional fees included in the job. 

Large Jobs

When the parting lot you need swept is large, the parking lot sweeping service may not complete the entire lot in one day. If that is the case, you may want to discuss the options with the sweeping service. Sometimes several sweepers can work on the lot together, but the service will likely charge extra for that. 

It is often more cost-effective to spread the work over several days, and the sweeping service can divide the parking lot up into sections. You can ask them to prioritize sections of the lot that need the most care first and then move on to areas that are not used as much or are hidden from public view. 

Regular Sweeping

Scheduling regular sweeping of the lot is an excellent way to keep it clean and help protect the surface. Removing rocks, gravel, and debris from the asphalt surface can be beneficial and keep debris from being ground into the pavement. 

Cars and trucks driving over gravel and sand on the surface can cause damage over time, but sweeping it off even once a month or so could help extend the life of the pavement. Since most parking lot sweeping is done at night after the business is closed, doing it regularly should not impact the flow of traffic through the lot or detract from your business. 

Contact a parking lot sweeping service for more information.