Use Canvas Fabric Coverings To Provide Your Sea Ray With A Cosmetic Upgrade

16 October 2020
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Your Sea Ray may be one of the most used pieces of recreational equipment that you rely upon each summer, and the canvas top or furnishing covers could be showing some signs of wear or even contain small tears in them. Patching upholstery will lengthen the life of each fabric piece, but the overall appearance of your patching job may fall short and make it seem as if your boat is poorly maintained. Contact the manufacturer to invest in quality canvas coverings that will provide your watercraft with a satisfying cosmetic upgrade.

Purchase Factory-Original Canvas

Factory-original canvas is cut to size and will fit a captain's chair, a passenger seat, a bench seat, or the top of your boat. Since each Sea Ray possesses a specific model number and stock features, you can choose fabric types that are designed for a particular item.

For a custom cabin cruiser or watercraft that contains a line of seating or decorative features that were added to your watercraft after your initial purchase, you can find suitable canvas varieties through the manufacturer that will adequately fit them as long as the permanent fixtures were purchased from the company that made your boat. Because some fabrics contain a UV protective coating and others do not, some or all of the fabric pieces that are currently on your boat may have faded.

When purchasing replacement items, choose to reupholster every furnishing or feature that is currently covered in fabric to guarantee that the fabric will match once the upgrade has been completed. If you want to limit the amount of fading that fabric coverings endure and maintain your boat's appearance, shop for fabrics that have been pre-treated with a UV protectant. 

Implement Different Covering Types

If your watercraft is going to receive a major overhaul, which includes making the inside of it look much different than it currently does, choose Sea Ray canvas that is a different color or that contains a bold print. Another way to upgrade your boat without investing thousands of dollars is by choosing to upholster fixtures that currently lack fabric coverings.

A cockpit cover or one that is used to upholster a built-in storage container or slide-away seating will add more color and texture to your watercraft and can be used to complement chrome fixtures or the planking that encompasses the watercraft's deck. Some canvas items will need to be secured via standard upholstery steps, and others may contain fitted elastic edges, which will allow you to secure the fabric around a feature that is inside of your boat.

To learn more, contact a resource like Sea Ray Canvas.