Life-Threatening Fire Sprinkler Mistakes

4 August 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

It is critical that your fire sprinkler system be able to perform for you at the time when you need it most. However, there are instances when homeowners discover that their fire sprinklers are not delivering the way they need them to. Yet, what is most important is that all of these instances were likely avoidable. Learn about some of the mistakes you could make that could cause your sprinklers to fail.

Having a Poor Layout Design

Fire sprinklers perform best when they are installed in a fashion that meets the layout of your home. Ideally, in every room, there should be a sprinkler installed in a position that provides the most amount of coverage for the size of the room. For a large space or an open floorplan, this step might include more than one sprinkler installed in a single room. The layout design of every sprinkler installed should always be handled by a fire safety professional.

Failing to Perform Flow Tests

Sprinklers are not above the risk of a malfunction, but homeowners can help keep themselves protected by performing regular flow tests to ensure their sprinklers are in proper working order. A flow test ensures that the control valve on the sprinkler is open, functional, and that a fire-reducing substance can flow from the sprinkler. To stay safe, you should plan to perform a flow test at least once a year.

Neglecting Ongoing Maintenance

After the fire sprinklers are installed, it should not be the last time you see a fire safety professional in your home. When you do not make a commitment to ongoing maintenance, you do increase the risk of a failure with your sprinklers. This service often involves a detailed inspection that ensures the entire system is malfunction-free. Keep in mind; many service professionals offer annual inspections in which they will also perform a flow test.

Not Monitoring Obstructions

Always keep an eye out for any obstructions that might prevent the sprinkler from working correctly. Think about a balloon that hits the sprinkler and pops, for instance. You cannot leave the fragments of the popped balloon on the sprinkler. The small fragment is enough to block the opening of the sprinkler and prevent it from working in the event of a fire. Whenever you notice an obstruction on your sprinklers, make sure you remove it right away. 

It is important that you not make these mistakes to ensure that your home and family are always protected.