Use A Secret Shopper To Evaluate Customer Service

18 June 2020
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A mystery shopper is not unlike a superhero. While a mystery shopper does not wear a mask, he/she hides behind a secret identity. Store employees won't likely change their behavior around a mysterious shopper, so these "undercover agents" are helpful when attempting to gauge customer service. Often, customer service contributes to repeat business or lack thereof. Mystery shopping evaluation services can examine many facets of customer service, including how employees address a customer who poses many questions. Such a customer might be a common one in certain stores. When a mystery shopper pretends to be this type of customer, the results could prove informative.

The Demanding Shopper Means Well

Yes, there are demanding customers who tie up busy employees. Sometimes, these customers don't mean to be a bother, but they may lack familiarity with what they are purchasing. Therefore, they must rely on employees to help them make the right choices. A mystery shopper could provide meaningful feedback to managers who need customer service feedback. The mystery shopper could report on:

Timeliness: Responding timely shows a caring attitude. Ignoring a customer's request would not be unhelpful. That said, workers do become busy and cannot handle every question and request at the same time. That's fine. As long as someone conveys that the customer will receive assistance once some time frees up, short delays won't be problematic. More importantly, the shopper isn't left waiting aimlessly.

Courtesy: Calm and deliberate responses make customers feel they are appreciated and not a burden. When employees provide the right demeanor along with a smiling and friendly face and carefully answer the shopper's questions, the staff is doing a good job customer service–wise.

Organization: Orderly responses help things move better. Do the employees know which customer seeking assistance "got there first"? Do customers know where to go for initial assistance and follow-up aid? Hopefully, things run in an orderly manner and not chaotically.

There are other things the mystery shopper can examine. The key here is that the secret shopper should be someone who understands the job.

The Value of Professional Mystery Shoppers

Companies might feel tempted to perform their own "secret shopping," but choosing random staff members for the job might not work out. Experienced mystery shoppers won't likely overlook anything and will provide detailed, consistent reports. The mystery shopper agency can also present a thorough analysis.

Such thoroughness could lead a company to make necessary improvements and, hopefully, retain more customers.

To learn more, contact a company that offers mystery shopping evaluation services.