Tips For Buying A New Office Copier

18 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

A copy machine is a huge investment for your business so you want to make sure you buy one that will do all the things you want. You probably realize you need a copier rather than a printer if you want a machine that does things such as staple and punch. To determine the best copier for your office, you'll need to think about how you want to use it. For instance, you may want the copier just for documents, or you might want one to make full-color brochures. Here are some of the things to consider when you shop for a new copy machine.

Color Or Black And White

A color copier might cost more, but it is worth it if you need to print documents in color fairly often. Buying or leasing a color copier could have a lower cost per page than outsourcing the work. You'll want to consider the volume of color printing you do. If you don't do a lot of color printing but you would like the capability, then you might want a copier that prints as black and white in the default mode and then switches to color when you want it. Having the capability to print in color is something to seriously consider. You may not need color right now, but it may be necessary in the future. Plus, being able to print in color makes the machine more useful and versatile.

Wi-Fi And Cloud Connectivity

Your office copier is more efficient when it is connected to other devices in your office. This allows your staff to print directly from their computers no matter where they are in the building. While Wi-Fi Connectivity is important, you'll also want the copier to be wired so it will work when Wi-Fi is down. You can even buy a copier that prints from mobile locations so employees working from the road or from home can send documents to the cloud to be printed. The more ways employees can connect to the copier, even if it is by USB stick, the better for everyone.

Additional Features

Copiers have many standard features built in. Others have specific features added, so you'll want to make sure the copier you buy can handle your printing demands. Useful office features included with many copiers include scanning and faxing. Other features you may want include watermarking, stapling, duplex printing, sorting, stapling, and hole punching.

In addition to the features you want in a copier, you may also want to consider how fast the copier works if your demand is high. Color copiers are usually the slowest and some copiers take a long time to wake up and start printing if they have been idle for very long. If speed is important, you'll want to check the response time of the copier as well as the pages it can print per minute. In addition, consider how much you will use the copier, and buy one that will handle the volume of pages you want to produce each month. This helps you buy a copier that fits well with your office and stays within your budget. For more information, contact companies like MFD Business Solutions.