3 Features To Look For In Gun Safes For Your Pawn Business

1 January 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

Throughout the day, the guns you have on full display in your pawn shop may be left open for easy access. However, before you close up for the night or leave your counter unattended, it is safest if the guns in your shop are properly secured. Because of this, most pawn shop business owners have a series of gun safes on site for proper storage. However, just your basic run-of-the-mill gun safes are not the best option. In fact, you should be looking for safes that have specific attributes. Here is a look at some of the best features to look for in gun safes for your pawn business. 

Long-Term Fire Protection

Some of the best gun safes offer fire protection to ensure the guns and ammunition are kept safe even when the exterior of the safe is exposed to high temperatures. However, not all gun safes offer fire protection and will be labeled only as flame retardant or flame-proof. The difference between fire protection and flameproof lies in the fact that a fire-protected safe will be able to stand up to a blazing inferno for a long time, usually a few hours at minimum, whereas a flame-proof safe will merely be able to withstand direct flame for an undetermined amount of time before it is compromised. 

Gear-Driven Lock-and-Bolt System

When you place guns in the safes at your store at the end of the day, you need to know that someone with a few tools will not be able to get into the safes. Therefore, having safe models that have a strong lock-and-bolt system in place is important. These safes cannot be accessed with a basic pry bar or another type of tool, and they are not easy to access if you do not have access with a key or the combination. 

Integrated Dehumidifier

Guns are made mostly of metal, which means many firearms can and will rust if they are exposed to high levels of humidity for long periods of time. Because of this, the best gun safes will actually have an integrated dehumidification system. The dehumidifier tends to be integrated into the backside or base of the gun safe so it does not take up too much space, and it will pull moisture out of the air so the space inside of the safe is as dry as possible. Having gun safes with this feature will ensure the guns don't sustain damage during long stretches of storage.