Signs You Need Marble Restoration

26 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you have marble floors, countertops or fireplace surrounds, your marble may need restoration at some point in time. Marble restoration involves lightly sanding and grinding the natural stone down to help reveal a new layer of marble that is in perfect condition. If you have a marble surface, you may find yourself wondering what the signs are that you need marble restoration. Here are a few of the reasons why you may need marble restoration. 

Your Marble is Discolored

Marble is light in color and it is a porous stone. This means that if a dark drink, such as red wine, grape juice or coffee, is spilled on the surface and not cleaned up, the marble may absorb it and a stain can develop. If you have a surface level stain on your marble surface, stone restoration may help to remove it. However, if the stain is deep within the marble, restoration services may decrease its appearance, but may not be able to completely remove it. 

Your Marble is Etched

It is important to clean your marble with the correct materials. If you use cleaning materials that are abrasive, such as scrubbing brushes or bleach products, you can etch the surface of the marble. Etching means that you leave behind many small scratches, sort of a like when you scrap your knee. Etched marble may be uneven and the the etched area may not be as glossy or shiny as the rest of your surface. When etching is present, marble restoration can help to remove these minor scratches. 

Your Marble Has Lost Its Shine

The last sign that you need marble restoration is dull or lifeless marble. Marble should have shine and sheen to it. But as it ages, it can lose some of its luster. Additionally, cleaning products and sealers can build up on the surface, leaving behind a cloudy residue that deters from the natural shine of the stone. Stone restoration can help bring your marble surface back to life, ensuring it looks glossy and has its natural shine. 

Marble restoration can help to remove surface stains, minor scratches and etching and help bring shine back to stone that is dulling. However, it is important to note that marble restoration can only be done a limited number of times over the course of the stone's lifetime, depending on your marble's thickness. Restoration wears the stone down a little bit and each time you do it, it gets thinner and thinner. As such, you need to properly care for your marble surface to help minimize the number of times that you need marble stone restoration services. Contact a company, like Rocky Mountain Marble Restoration, for more help.