Walk-In Bathtub Basics For Those With Mobility Issues

20 December 2017
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Whether you have an autoimmune disease that causes joint pain and mobility issues or you're an older adult struggling with the pain of arthritis, bathing can be a struggle. From the pain of standing up in the shower to the slip and fall risk, your bathroom can be a dangerous and difficult place to navigate. If you're looking to make things easier, the best investment that you can make is in a walk-in tub. Here are a few tips to help you determine if this is the right investment for you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Walk In Tub?

Walk-in bathtubs are a great investment for a lot of reasons. First, their deep construction allows for the placement of a bench or seat that keeps you from feeling like you're sitting on the floor when you're in the bath.

While an ordinary deep bathtub would be hard to get into and out of, you don't have to lift your leg over the edge of a walk in tub. You just open the door and get in. Then, you can sit down and be comfortable while you wait for the bath to fill. Even better, the construction of these tubs helps to minimize the slippery surfaces that can cause you to fall in the bath, reducing your risk of injury and allowing you to bathe in confidence.

Many walk-in bathtubs are also fitted with jets for hydrotherapy. This is great for aching joints, especially those caused by inflammation due to arthritis or autoimmune disease. You'll get the benefits of a hot tub without the upkeep that's required to keep the water treated.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Walk In Tub?

When you're looking for a walk in bathtub for your home, there are a few things you'll want to think about. First, make sure that the tub you invest in is rated properly for your body weight. You'll also want to look at how it's constructed to be sure that it will provide the support you need. For example, if you need a seat that's at traditional chair height due to an inability to sit at lower heights, test the seat height before you buy.

Look for a model that offers an integrated heater as well. That way, the seat and the tub frame are kept warm while you're sitting there waiting for the tub to fill or drain. Remember that the construction of a walk in tub means that you have to be in the tub and undressed before you fill it, and you need to sit there until it's fully drained. Otherwise, when you open the door, water will drain onto the floor.

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