Your Rights: Protects Strikes

18 December 2017
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We have a right to a safe workplace that treats its employees with standard respect. Unfortunately, not every company follows this philosophy. Luckily, many employees have the right to stand up against unfair working conditions, and they can express their opinions safely by hiring from a strike staffing company. 

Types of Strikes

There are several types of strikes:

  • sick-out- All or most of the company can call off to show the employer what it would be like without their employees. This type of strike only last for the day, and no one is punished because people use one of the sick days that they have accumulated. 
  • Sit-down- Employees come to work, but they stand outside of the establishment in defiance instead of working. This is the most common form of strike. 
  • Slow-down- Rather than skipping work, employees will deliberately slow down production. They typically do it by following the rules to an exaggerated level. This option is used to avoid punishment or lack of pay. 
  • Sympathy strike- When one company in a particular industry is experiencing a serious grievance int eh workplace, other employees in other companies int he industry can feel their pain. Thay may even be experiencing the same problems. Sympathy strikes are when more companies in an industry join in on a strike to support the cause. 

Protected Strikes and Unprotected strikes Unions developed to protect workers against dangerous conditions and unfair wages. To this day, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) still protects strikes under certain conditions. Strikes that are explicitly protected by the NLRA include:

  • strikes against employers failing to adhere to the national standards for employers
  • strikes against unfair wages
  • strikes that force the company to recognize the union
  • strikes against using outside labor for jobs that the employees should get

When employees strike against illegal workplace practices, the employees cannot be fired or punished for their participation in the strike. They must be allowed to restart their job once the strike is finished. The employer is allowed to hire new employees during the strike, but they must accommodate all employees or fire the new hires once the employees on strike come back. 

The NLRA will be forced to rescind support for any strikes that become violent in any way. People on strike must remain respectful of the health and property of their employers. Unfortunately, strikes can instigate strong emotions. For this reason, many companies will hire strike security to keep the peace during the negotiations.  

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