Supporting Local Schools With Promotional Backpack Giveaways

16 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Local businesses have a vested interest in the communities they serve, and one way to become a good neighbor to the people living near your business is to support the local schools.  There are a number of ways you can do this, from sponsoring after-school activities to donating snacks for school events. One option that helps welcome students to school in the fall is to host a promotional backpack giveaway. The backpacks should be filled with essential items students will need, and they can also include a bit of marketing for your company. Here are a few things to consider adding to the backpacks you give to local school students in the fall.

Promotional Rulers And Calculators

Support STEM programs by giving students basic tools they need to excel in math and science. Promotional rulers with your company's name and logo on them can help to make your company's name recognizable to students and parents alike, while also providing help with geometry, physics, and drafting homework. Consider promotional calculators with your business name and logo for another great way to support math and science courses. Choose bright colors and fun designs for both items, and choose designs that are age-appropriate for each grade level. For example, a simple calculator may be ideal for grade school students, while high school students can benefit from graphing calculators.

Notebooks And Folders

Notebooks and folders are staples of school supplies, and students can always use a few extra. Partner with the school district to determine the requirements for each grade level, and customize the backpacks to fit those needs. Elementary school students, for example, may require wide-ruled spiral notebooks, while middle school and high school students may have a need for bound composition notebooks. Consider working with a custom printer to have the school's name and logo printed on the front, with a small sponsorship logo for your company printed on the back.

Lunch Totes And Water Bottles

Throughout the school year, students may lose their lunch totes and water bottles, so why not give every child a spare to start the school year? Look for insulated designs to help keep food and beverages cold, and choose colors and patterns that fit the school's color theme for a fun touch. You can have your logo printed on both, or you can simply have the school logo added to each. Consider working with other businesses in the area to include coupons for free or discounted snacks inside each lunch tote, which parents or students can use.

Begin planning well in advance of the first day of school, and check with your local district to determine how many backpacks you will need for each grade level. You can pass out the backpacks at open house events, kindergarten breakfasts, or back-to-school kickoff parties so students have their backpacks filled with supplies in time for the first day of school. Be sure to add a note to parents inside each bag that welcomes their family to the school year and extends an invitation to stop by your business to enjoy a discount on goods and services.