Landlords: How Safe Is Your New Apartment Building?

13 December 2017
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If you're a new landlord, one of your first priorities is to keep your tenants safe. You might install fire alarms and sprinklers inside your elevators and along your stairways. But if you don't take steps to control the dangerous smoke and fumes created by fires, your building may not be as safe and sound as you think. You can protect your tenants and investment with this information.

Use a Smoke Control System

One of the most dangerous and potentially deadliest problems to occur in buildings is smoke. Although fire is extremely hazardous, it's the smoke and fumes fire creates that can cause immediate health problems for adults and children alike. Smoke inhalation can trigger headaches, vomiting, and seizures in the people it affects. Some individuals can faint or become comatose if they're exposed to the chemicals produced by smoke.

If you didn't do so during the initial construction of your building, have a smoke control system installed in your building now. A smoke control system consists of different types of equipment and protocols that detect, eliminate, control, and confine smoke and its fumes. The system might include advanced smoke detection alarms and HVAC exhaust systems, such as specialized duct work and pipes.

Once you create a safer environment, educate your tenants about the hazards of smoke.

Educate Your Tenants

If you educate your tenants about the dangers of fires and smoke, it can help keep everyone and your building safe. This particularly important during the holidays. Many of your tenants may use their ovens and other electrical appliances to prepare and cook their seasonal meals. Some residents may use smokers and grills to prepare meals. These appliances and equipment can cause fires if tenants leave them unattended or improperly maintained.

You can use fliers to alert your tenants about your new smoke control system. Place the fliers in your tenants mailboxes or on their apartment doors directly. You want to include a contact phone number or email address on the fliers. If tenants have concerns about the new system or how to keep safe, they can use the information to contact you or your office.

Also, create a list of things to do and don't do in your building. For instance, if your buildings feature enclosed porches or balconies, restrict the use of barbecue grills and similar devices on them. Smoke can build up in confined spaces.

If you're ready to make your apartment building safer, contact a smoke control consulting firm today, such as Zari Consulting Group.