The Best Option For Your Move: Vans Vs. Trucks

6 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you need to move a lot of stuff, the important question to ask is whether you should choose a cargo van or a truck rental. Each has its own purposes and, depending on where you are driving, you would want to consider one or the other.


Trucks are designed for traveling around town. Trucks, on the other hand, can drive through more rugged areas. This doesn't mean that trucks cannot be used for city driving, but they have this extra capability. If you will be driving during the winter, the four-wheel drive will make it easier to avoid getting stuck in snow.

Security And Privacy

Unlike with trucks, vans are enclosed. Therefore, vans are already more secure. Also, if it starts raining, your items can get wet in a truck. Trucks also do not come with the privacy that vans offer. 


Vans are a much more organized way of moving your belongings. Often, vans come with shelves and separate sections for different possessions. Also, if something falls over in a van, it will still be contained within the vehicle. However, anything placed in a truck must be carefully secured. Occasionally, you may see objects fall from a truck. 

Distance From The Ground

Vans are sometimes not as convenient because you cannot immediately lift items out of the van. However, if you need to do some organization during your trip, such as if you discover you need paperwork stored in one of the boxes, you are better off using a van. 

Trucks are higher off the ground. This can make it more difficult to climb into the truck. This can also make certain tasks, such as wheeling a heavy item off the pickup, more awkward without a ramp. Vans are closer to the ground.


If you need to tow something, a pickup is a better option. Vans are not designed for towing, and you may damage the vehicle if you attempt to tow something it was not meant to tow. Also, some of the largest trucks offer more passenger capacity than a van. 

Extra Workspace

There are times when you need to have a workspace while on the road. If your van has space left open, it can be used as a temporary workspace while you get organized or while you fill out paperwork. But regardless of which option you choose, when you have the right moving vehicle, your trip will be much easier.

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