Five Things To Remember When You're Mailing Shipping Tubes

6 December 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Sending items with a white shipping tube can be ideal for a variety of scenarios. If you've never used a shipping tube to send a document, poster, or other types of items before, you should be aware of how this type of packaging works.

The following are five things you should remember when you're mailing items using shipping tubes:

Shipping tubes are typically used to send rolled up documents.

It's hard to find the right solution to ship important papers so that they don't get damaged en route. Shipping tubes are typically used to ship documents because documents can easily be rolled up and slipped inside. This makes it so that they will not become folded, ripped, or smudged in some way while they are being shipped. 

Package labels are typically used to address shipping tubes.

Shipping tubes typically are not meant to be written on. Instead, a shipping label can be written on and adhered to the shipping tube. You can purchase an appropriate package label for sending shipping tubes at a stationary store or post office.

You should select a label that will fit not only the destination address but also your return address in case there is a problem with the delivery, and the tube needs to be sent back to you. 

Shipping tubes need to be weighed before they can be shipped.

The cost of postage for a shipping tube is typically determined by the weight of the shipping tube and the items being sent.

You're therefore probably going to have to head to the post office, have your package weighed, and purchase the necessary postage. Then, you'll have to attach a stamp to the shipping tube showing that postage has been paid.

It's important to check that the caps on both ends are properly attached.

You fill a shipping tube up by removing the top cap, placing rolled up documents inside, and sealing the top cap. You should inspect both the top and bottom cap and reinforce each cap with some shipping tape to ensure that your shipping tube will arrive at its destination intact. 

Labels should be attached to the center of the shaft.

You need to attach the label to the right spot on the shipping tube to make sure that it is seen by postal workers. Labels should be located on the shaft of a shipping tube at the center.

Make sure that the adhesive on the back of the label is strong enough to keep the label attached to the tube. If you're worried that the adhesive is too weak, you can cover it with some transparent tape to ensure that it will stay put. Contact a company that makes standard white tubes for more information and assistance.